700cm Siffleur at La Lima Free Zone and Business Park, Costa Rica

What a crazy adventure...

After After many months of hard labor, a fire in the workshop and many other unexpected delays, the 7 meter Siffleur is finally here in Costa Rica, 

Transporting and installing such a monumental piece is no easy treat,  add rain to the equation and it becomes hell.. But we managed, thanks to everyone who work relentlessly at la Lima Free Zone and Business Park.

Special thanks to Tanya Harwood and the Granier Family.

And off course Olivier Haligon of Haligon Fine Art Miami who flew in to make sure our giant  was installed properly.

Le Siffleur looks fabulous in his new home, majestic and very impressive.
I though that he might look small in such big surroundings but he does not, he is just perfect.
I am very happy to finally see it in its place after everything that we went through. 


November 14, 2017